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DALLAS,TX:  LawyerProfit LLC announces a new national personal injury lead generation network-- code named INJURYFone.

InjuryFone is designed for acquiring personal injury case leads through unsold advertising time on television, radio, in yellowpages and thru mobile seach networks. The calls are delivered to local law firms on a pay-per-call basis.

Local attornies eager to grow their personal injury practices can join for zero down. With InjuryFone, law firm can now advertise nationally on TV and cable virtually free.  Instead, firms pay for only each call they receive. A grace period of :90 seconds allows local law firms to qualify each and every call.

InjuryFone uses national pay for performance television, radio and other sources to generate qualified calls. One component powering InjuryFone includesa Per Inquiry TV and Cable network by LawyerProfit that is specifically designed to get legal advertising on air more rapidly and with less cost. 

By aggregating local broadcast TV stations, local cable time and national cable networks, INJURYFone offers a unique platform for lawyer advertising. This program cost drastically cuts the investment needed, compared to local advertising on television, radio, billboards or bu sbenches.

“This newer network is speedy and concentrates on broadcast in DMAs 30-80.  It’s perfect for timely offers like car wrecks, workmen's comp, truck injury, motorcycle or brain injury case types. It even works for birth injury. Law firms pay only for valid leads or calls delivered each week. The calls are exclusive and there's no cost upfront. So, starter firms or even regional powerhouses can supplement their practice with InjuryFone. There’s no ego, just results,” says LawyerProfit President, Frank Pournelle.
Mr. Pournelle explained how INJURYFone is different from other personal injury lead generation programs. “This network is unique because it's 100% OFFLINE. There's no anonymous internet leads. The client is right there on the phone. There's no cost to get started. And InjuryFone offers a ninety second grace period before billing the client. But mostly, we pay a bit more for our tv and cable time on premium outlets that others can’t or don’t touch. So calls from InjuryFone are truly new-found business.”

LawyerProfit is a direct marketing agency with an imagination for stirring emotions, creating desire and establishing personal relationships with member law firms.  They practice a relational advertising science of TV and cable broadcast to amplify revenues and heighten ROI.   This  network relieves client frustration with powerful advertising that produces highly qualified case leads for participatingd law practices. 

LawyerProfit drives demand for high dollar legal practice growth through TV, cable, radio, print venues and the Internet.  Many programs cut the risk of advertising by clients, through the use of Per Inquiry, pay per lead, Cost Per Call (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) programs. 

Corporate information about the InjuryFone can be accessed by phoning Lawyer Profit LLC president, Frank Pournelle at 1-800-334-4500 or at



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