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Hi. I’m Frank Pournelle, president of Last Second Media Inc, the parent company of LawyerProfits LLC. I'd love to meet you here at our offices in Palm Springs, CA or in Las Vegas as the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference.

We'd love to help growing your law practice with industry-leading national direct response marketing campaigns including our three new programs:


LawyerProfits secures and accesses high quality leads and data sources for Dangerous Drugs & Devices (mass torts), Disability Denial, Nursing Home Abuse & Elder Neglect.

We also help in VA Disability Denial,, automotive Lemon Law, Personal Injury and National Truck Cases.

For Mass Torts, we offer: Essure, Heartburn Medications, Hernia Mesh, Hip Replacements, Invokana, IVC Filters, Morcellator, Risperdal, Talcum Powder, Taxotere, Testosterone, Xarelto, and Zofran leads.

After 25 years of advertising, our team has joined up to make marketing of law firms both profitable and predictable. We do this with successful advertising campaigns that offer high conversion rates and low acquisition costs.

The proof is in the pudding. 

Our programs have made a ton of money for Jim Adler “The Texas Hammer”, The Law Offices of Robert Goldwater, The Law Offices of James Sokolove and recently we’ve added big new projects for Parilman & Associates, Fox Law Firm, Nations Vaccine Claim and Phillips National Injury Group.

Perhaps we can grow your national practice, too?

The reason I ask is that for over 9 years, I have helped deliver the following tort liability marketing campaigns with these approximate results:

Mesothelioma 4,312 Leads, 1100 New Cases, 420 Settlements
Vioxx / Celebrex / Bextra  6,300 Leads, 1600 New Cases, Unknown Settlements
Fen Phen / PPH 900 Leads, 400 New Cases, 120 Settlements
Zyprexa  / Seroquel 1600 Leads, 300 New Cases, 92 Settlements
ACE Inhibitors 400 Leads, 119 New Cases, 26 Settlements
Baycol / Rhabdomyolysis 200 Leads, 79 New Cases, 21 Settlements
Paxil / Zoloft 1200 Leads, 362 New Cases, 97 Settlements

Example TV  Projects:

Accutane Victims Call 800-403-8888
National Truck Attorney 800-373-0202
Accutane Colitis
Byetta Kidney Failure
Transvaginal Surgical Mesh
National Truck Attorneys
Serious Auto Wreck
Motorcycle Accident
Commercial Truck Accident
Legal Malpractice
Raptiva Drug Recall
Renu from Bausch & Lomb
Ortho Evra Helpline
Mesothelioma and Asbestos


Get Your Own TV Spot in Just 3 days:
Includes script writing, disclosures, image and stock footage, voice talent, music, editing, producer, cg, tape stock, video file, YouTube broadcast, Facebook upload, copyright and shipping.
UNDER $5,000 for a :30 spot. 1-800-334-4500

Reach 37 million households, on 8-14 networks, with 1.4 million guaranteed impressions.
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